Brand story
    In the spring of 1913, Paris, France in the wonderful up a street named "ZOLLE fashion shop opening soon, it became popular, and popular in Paris with the quickest speed, its simple, free and easy with some hints of rebellion consciousness eyes of female style absorbed many French girl, deeply impress their romantic feelings is a beautiful sad love story.
    The name "ZOLLE" is said to be named after a French girl named Julie. The girl's face is as good as her name. His father was a small, famous French sartorial tailor who made dresses for the ladies. Perhaps because father since the childhood, perhaps because Julie understanding of fashion gifts, pure and not stick to one pattern, Julie swear: since I was a child grow up, be sure to become the best fashion designers in France.
    In the fall of 1904, in jolie's 20 seasons, she met the young and poor painter Bonny at one exhibition. Bonnie orientalism freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese paintings and the artistic style of short, long and Julie in fashion ideas, just as Julie for bonnie's talent is deeply impressed, bonnie was Julie and free from vulgarity temperament, they soon fall in love. Because bonnie is a poor orphan, their tendency at the time of the French art and art criticism, their love was strongly opposed by the people around you, especially my father. To love each other, the couple had to bite the bullet to leave France, elope to the time of the British territories toto island, toto, pure and fresh sea breeze on the island, the blue sky to soothe their love at the same time,Nourish and plump their fashion dreams. When they happiness of life is full of beautiful longings for the future, when a misfortune: terrible leukemia in a very short period of time took Julie young life, left to bonnie endless pain and miss... An unrealized dream of fashion, in order to complete a beloved bunny with a broken heart and Julie's design fashion sample back to hometown in France, opened in the name of Julie fashion brand "ZOLLE" mouth later French fashion magazine "VOGUE" the first-class commented: "these slightly have some Chinese ink and wash painting just like spring breeze moist and clear, blow into the French this house full of sweet fume room."

    From then on, "ZOLLE" began her journey to fashion clothing brand, in 2003, this brand has a close relationship with China, finally grand for the Chinese market, to show its unique fashion charm Chinese women. "And" because... "in Chinese. It is.
"Because... There are some dreams in life that are not round and worth pursuing.
"Because... In the bustling city of the increasingly cold city, people miss the simple love of simplicity.
"Because... The worship of beauty has no borders;
"Because... The ZOLLE brand has a Chinese cultural vein...