Brand description
1、Brand culture:
ZOLLE is an original designer women's wear brand in the senior mori department.
Pursuing and inheriting the essence of Oriental culture in pursuit of innovation value;
To transform the original spirit into the unique clothing culture and the natural and simple way of life.
The design of life tension;
To express the fusion of clothing and life, art and life;
By heart, by the hand; All is out of love.
2、Brand idea:
"Because... There are some dreams in life that are not round and worth pursuing.
"Because... In the increasingly cold and urban bustle, people miss the simple love of simplicity.
"Because... There is no national boundaries for beauty.
"Because... The ZOLLE brand has an Oriental cultural vein.
"Because... Because of love.
3、 the connotation of the brand
In nature into the fashion element, into the culture and the rich connotation, ZOLLE distinctive, unique harmony as the design principles, both showed a full-bodied modern breath, and embodies the personality, wisdom to show themselves.
4、 brand style
With fashion, leisure and personality as the high quality women's women's wear, ZOLLE emphasizes the sense of the series and the ability to match, focusing on the details and quality of the dress.
5、fabric characteristics
Based on natural cotton, hemp, and the dyeing process of environmental protection, ZOLLE is treated by special post to enhance the comfort and quality of the fabric.
6、Product style:
Primitive. Original heart contracted. Clever move plain. Vogue
Classic elegant fashionable recreational concise atmosphere natural and comfortable
8、Consumer orientation:
25 to 45 years old, have certain economic ability and aesthetic vision, have independent thought, pursue perfect fashionable modern new woman.
Consumer status description --
Work -- love, independence, confidence, focus
Life in Life -- elegant and comfortable and refined
Self - nature is easy and easy to relax